A Hawaiian Classic Returns


Hawaiian Goddesses
'Alua - Second Generation
By Linda Ching





ISBN: 0 9619891-2-2
140 Pages  •  9" x 12"
101 color photographs
Hawaiian Goddesses Publishing
Retail: $35.00

Award winning author/photographer Linda Ching brings the legends of Hawaii's
goddesses alive in a new extended edition of a much acclaimed book.  Ching's visual
interpretation of ancient Hawaiian legends is a personal expression of Hawaii's deities
through the fine art of photography and carefully researched text.
New to the book are the stories of Hina and the island of Maui.  Exquisite new photo-
graphs are found throughout the book continuing the saga of Pele and Hi'iaka, goddesses
of fire and volcanoes.  Poliahu, the snow goddess and the goddess of rainbows, Laieikawai.


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All photographs © Linda Ching, Hawaiian Goddesses Publishing